Brand Protection

YKK is a multinational Company and its group Head Office is in Tokyo, Japan. YKK affiliated worldwide 111 plants and offices in 72 countries.

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

The YKK Group began working on intellectual property issues in 1956. In the 1980s, when the scope of counterfeiting was relatively small, the IP Group led the company’s overseas anti-counterfeiting activities, mainly in some of East Asian Countries
In the 1990s, the value of the “YKK” brand was increasingly recognized in the US and in European markets, while changes in business operations in the sewing industry accelerated. During this period of time, a growing number of counterfeit of YKKR fastening products began to appear, damaging our business and our brand’s reputation. In response, other YKK business divisions of YKK joined the IP Group to face this challenge. In 1991, YKK established the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee to take the lead in anti-counterfeiting measures. As the globalization of the world economy continues, YKK is now taking action not only in countries with YKK production facilities, but also in countries that only import YKK products for local manufacture.
From 2000 to the present, YKK treats counterfeit eradication as a part of its business operations and each business division takes the lead in setting its own policy in response.

Support for Brand Protection Activities

YKK trademark registations across the world
The trademark “YKK” has been registered in 170 countries or regions across the world, while YKK® fasteners are currently sold from 72 countries and regions worldwide.
“YKK” has been officially recognized as a famous trademark in accordance with the certification systems of the respective administrative authorities in Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and U.S.A. A broadly similar “far-famed trademark” status has also been granted by the government in China.
The YKK Group actively registers other intellectual property such as patent, utility model, and design rights.

Trademarks of YKK products
In addition to the trademark “YKK,” various trademarks for products that the YKK Group manufactures and markets have been registered.
The following shows examples of the trademarks registered in Japan or other countries.