YKK Pakistan Policy

YKK is a multinational Company and its group Head Office is in Tokyo, Japan. YKK affiliated worldwide 111 plants and offices in 72 countries.

We seek to improve customer satisfaction and achieve "Best in Quality" by providing safe, reliable, sustainable and attractive products worthy of "YKK BRAND" by proper use of Quality Management System to prevent quality problems from occurring and committed to comply all applicable requirements.

Within this system, all the employees of YKK Pakistan will work with “professional consciousness”. proactively, creatively, and speedily from the customer's point of view and with the goal of obtaining "Supreme Quality at Leanest Cost" by the prevention of quality problems, further continual improvements towards “value creation supported by high level of technology”. Along with “YKK Group Quality Charter”, we try to create a culture of "Total Quality", where continual improvement of our people, our processes and our products become a way of life, through measuring, teamwork, dynamic communication, and setting, reviewing and updating our quality objectives.