YKK Pakistan Policy

YKK is a multinational Company and its group Head Office is in Tokyo, Japan. YKK affiliated worldwide 111 plants and offices in 72 countries.

YKK Pakistan's Environmental Policy expresses a strong commitment towards continuous improvement of our management system, prevention and environmental compliance in all our business activities. With a defined base line of ISO 14001 management system, we create new values from our awareness of the environment and technology in order to contribute to creating sustainable society. We will review aspect/impact assessments, and set S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives after assessments and in-depth audits of our Environmental Management System.
Keeping one step ahead of 3R (Reduce/Reuse/ Recycle) strategy, we will focus on the prevention of waste generation, enhance our environmental management system involving all employees, strive for rigorous environmental compliance and appropriate management of chemical substances, contribute to society in coexistence with nature by providing and proposing eco-friendly products, promote energy reforms to minimize our environmental load.
Our top priorities are to strengthen our Environmental Management System and to strive for complete environmental compliance.
We will also keep reviewing our significant environmental aspects, compliance with all applicable environmental laws and other legal requirements, improving total energy efficiency for low carbon foot print, as well as promoting high efficient manufacturing operations and environmental education for environmental improvement, in order to keep moving together towards our environmentally secure future by achieving our ultimate goal of sustainable, eco-friendly production and consumption.