The People We're Looking For

The YKK Group seeks people from both science and liberal arts backgrounds who will lead the way as we work to create an even brighter future. Our ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

The willingness to face any problem head-on and a forward looking approach to find a solution, no matter what it takes.

The ability to think through your own opinions, take responsibility, and make sure your voice is heard

Constantly aiming one step higher and always working harder to get there. Overcoming failure, raising the bar higher, and working toward an even higher level of success.

Head of HR&GA Division
Plot 1-2 3,Sector EI-EII,
Karachi Export Processing Zone,
Mehran Highway, Landhi, Karachi - PAKISTAN
PABX: +9221–35085707-08, 35085677-78

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